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ACCOMPANIFACT is an experimental collection of speculative home artifacts created to help people living alone during different times feel the physical presence of their loved ones. These artifacts are bespoked to personal characteristics and yet would be something that I speculate could be offered as a customization (or add-on) service in an imaginary IKEA store or equivalent of their times. The project grew out of my personal experience of living alone for almost two years during the pandemic.

I speculated different scenarios of living alone and questioned how to re-create an experience for solo-dwellers in different times (probably due to different causes) in which they can feel their loved one's physical presence in their living spaces.

This is an ongoing project. The first phase of the project involves speculating and designing home artifacts for 4 personas living alone in different times (or even worlds) for various causes. Each persona is easily relatable to a particular group of single-dwellers at our time. The next step would be bringing the customization to real-life users/customers.